BIOMETRICS Arriving in New York Schools

by Michael Kane 10-22-22 I warned everyone about this more than a year ago when I wrote Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You in August of 2021. The rollout has now begun, in the info-gathering stages. Before providing all details and sources, I encourage everyone to email a public comment to <> andContinue reading “BIOMETRICS Arriving in New York Schools”

Support Educators for Freedom

3-2-22 Donate at They are fighting for the rights of all New Yorkers to work without being coerced into medical procedures against their conscience and will.

EMERGENCY Protest at Canadian Consulate in NYC!

Tuesday 2-15-22, 12 noon, 466 Lexington Ave 2-13-22 The province of Ottawa just announced a State of Emergency in regards to the Peaceful Canadian Truckers fighting for their fundamental rights. We are very nervous this is the first step towards violence being perpetrated on the brave truckers and there supporters who are in the midstContinue reading “EMERGENCY Protest at Canadian Consulate in NYC!”

Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!

Please donate to our GIVE SEND GO by Michael Kane 2-6-22 The GO FUND ME we promoted to support the Convoy to Save America has been SHUTDOWN! It was called the American Solidarity Convoy and it has been taken down by GO FUND ME. Check for yourself: Please donate to our GIVE SEND GOContinue reading “Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!”

 #RipItUp Challenge

From Michael Kane 2-5-22 On Monday February 7 there is a major protest led by members of the FDNY who will be ripping up their vaccine cards with NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader Tramell Thompson. What is #RipItUp? RIP IT UP is where our vaccinated brothers & sisters stand up for the rights of theContinue reading ” #RipItUp Challenge”

Black Caucus of the Green Party Comes Out Against Covid Mandates

We Say No To Mandates Phenomenal letter in opposition to covid mandates from the National Black Caucus of the Green Party. Read this letter from beginning to end as it is just fantastic! Here is my favorite quote from the letter: Lockdowns, mandates and passports are the major issue of the day with millions ofContinue reading “Black Caucus of the Green Party Comes Out Against Covid Mandates”

Activists Returning to Cheesecake Factory in Queens, NY Tonight 12-15-21

ANOTHER SIT-IN THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT! YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET ARRESTED, JUST COME PROTEST WITH THEM!!! by Michael Kane 12-15-21 Five NY FREEDOM RALLY Activists were arrested for a sit-in at Cheesecake Factory just outside of the Queens Center Mall. Dozens of activists went into the restaurant, sat down, refused to show proof ofContinue reading “Activists Returning to Cheesecake Factory in Queens, NY Tonight 12-15-21”

Unvaccinated Sit-In Shuts Down Panera in NYC

Activist July Maury tells about discrimination against the disabled and the unvaccinated: “I fought to get more access for people with disabilities in this city…this Panera is one of the few places I can get into (with my wheelchair)… I don’t have the vaccine card so now even the places I can get into IContinue reading “Unvaccinated Sit-In Shuts Down Panera in NYC”


150 E. 42nd St, Manhattan, 12-4-21, 4pm Around the world most are happening at 12noon, but in NYC it is 4pm As bad as things are in New York, it’s nothing compared to the nightmare Austalia has devolved into. Look at all the rights the Australians have lost as they struggle against forced medical mandates:Continue reading “PROTEST AT NYC AUSTRALIAN CONSULATE”

Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You

Will NY Teacher Unions Support This? by Michael Kane Research contribution from Danielle Tauriello 8-29-21 New York State is on a path to bring biometric identification and tracking systems into public and private school buildings as early as 2022. This includes facial recognition, retina scans, tracking devices, biometric digital identity, blockchain technology and much more.Continue reading “Biometrics Coming to a New York School Near You”