NYC In-School COVID Testing is Designed to Close Schools, Not Keep Them Open

The Fraudulent 2 Case Rule

by Michael Kane


In NYC Public Schools there is a mandatory in-school COVID testing program. If 2 positive cases are found in the same building, the entire building gets shutdown. The 2 cases don’t even need to be related to one another. Many prominent health officials have said this so-called “2 case rule” is not necessary, but the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) union is demanding it stays in place. This rule alone is responsible for the overwhelming number of school building closures this year in NYC.

There is a fraud being perpetrated here.

So few who have been critical of the 2 case rule have truly gotten to the heart of the fraud, which deals with the very core science of the in-school testing regime.

The tests being used are PCR COVID tests. It has been admitted and is accepted – even by The New York Times – that when you test a person exhibiting no symptoms of COVID, if they test positive, over 90% of the time that will be a false-positive test. Because of these flawed results, organizations who wish to remain open and running – like the NFL – have multiple layers of testing.

When the NFL had 77 positive cases in August of 2020, they ran a secondary test on all 77 specimens, and found all were false positives (which is a 100% false-positive rate). Unlike the NFL, NYC Schools does not run any secondary test when they get a positive result.

According to a tweet from the MORE Caucus, which is a UFT teacher union caucus that works hard every day to shutdown every school in NYC:

On the night before bring spring break starts, there are *303* NYC school buildings closed. –48 new 1-day closures –21 new 10-day closures –141 classroom closures (1,135 total) –174 more cases, 103 students/71 staff.

Let’s just take the number of new cases – 174. If we take into account that 90% or more of these are likely false-positives, that would mean there are really only 18 actual cases of asymptomatic COVID, or less. And if we go further, and look at the 303 school closures, it is highly likely not a single school would be closed today if we accounted for false positives. There needs to be 2 positive cases to shut a school building down. Since the false-positive rate is over 90%, once you get 2 cases in a school the likelihood that one of them is a false-positive is 100%! Even if there were 10 cases in the school, it is still nearly a statistical guarantee that 9 of them would be false positives and the school would remain open.

This could all be taken care of simply, by doing the following:

  1. Any specimen that gives a positive test result from in-school COVID testing must be retested, preferably with Sanger Sequencing, and,
  2. The cycle threshold used for in-school PCR COVID testing must be made known to the public.

The cycle threshold is an amplification. The viral DNA strands being searched for are microscopically small, so in order to see anything it needs to be “amplified,” meaning made bigger and more visible. Even Dr. Fauci admits any cycle threshold above 35 is useless. It is a known fact that many labs use 40 cycles when they run their PCR COVID testing, and in New York the lab does not have to tell anyone what cycle threshold they are using. Many independent doctors say 25 cycles should be the cutoff. Regardless, there needs to be transparency in the testing regime for anyone to trust anything coming out of it.

The lack of transparency of NYC’s in-school COVID testing program and the authoritarian nature by which it is being implemented has forced TEACHERS FOR CHOICE to sue the NYC DOE twice in regards to the program. The first was in the case KANE vs. NYC DOE where we won a court ordered stipulation assuring us all specimens taken during in-school COVID testing would be destroyed and not used for anything other than getting a positive or negative COVID result. The second lawsuit is BUENO vs. NYC DOE. In this case two NYC DOE employees refused to sign the consent form for in-school COVID testing and because of this were placed on unpaid leave. Both of these employees offered to get tested by their own doctors, but their employer refused to accept that. This is completely illogical and irrational and must not go unchallenged, just as the 2 case rule is illogical and irrational.

The 2 case rule is fraudulent, and needs to be thrown out of NYC Public School immediately.

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