Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening

***Come to NY UNIONS FOR CHOICE PROTEST 8-25-21 learn more HERE*** by Michael Kane COVID Testing Forced Vaccination Listen to entire town hall HERE 8-3-21 Today’s phone call from UFT President Michael Mulgrew was a mixed bag, but we did find out many important pieces of information. Here is the info at a glance: COVIDContinue reading “Mulgrew Addresses 20,000 UFT Members on September 2021 School Re-Opening”


8-2-21 The following letter was sent to United Federation of Teachers (UFT) President Michael Mulgrew with Randi Weingarten and Andy Pallotta cc’d on August 2, 2021: To the Honorable Michael Mulgrew; Below please find the demands from the Teachers for Choice Union caucus as regarding the weekly testing requirement in New York City Public Schools.Continue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Demands for NYC UFT COVID Testing Option”

COVID Vax for NYC Hospital Staff Almost Mandatory

What will this mean for NYC Schools Employees? *** Please sign our petition against forced vaccination of educators HERE Please donate to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE as we prepare lawsuits & actions HERE by Michael Kane 7-21-21 Mayor De Blasio just announced public hospital workers must get the COVID vaccine or submit to COVID testing onceContinue reading “COVID Vax for NYC Hospital Staff Almost Mandatory”

Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand 7-2-21 A few months ago I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Michael Sussman were interviewed by Jason Goodman on Crowd Source the Truth. The interview has been pulled off of YouTube multiple times after being viewed tens of thousands of times. I’m done with Youtube! Jason Goodman was good enough to load the interviewContinue reading “Sussman Interview Back by Popular Demand”

YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest

6-14-21 YouTube has struck down the full video of the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) protest on June 12, 2021 in front of United Federation of Teachers (UFT) headquarters. It got pulled down in less than 48 hours! The protest featured 11-year-old Jenna Miller who was kicked out of school on June 8th for refusing toContinue reading “YOUTUBE CENSORS Teachers For Choice Protest”

Bueno vs NYC DOE Nears Hearing Date

Attorney Michael Sussman on the Case Two NYC DOE Employees Removed From Work For Refusing In-School COVID Testing Get Their Day In Court by Michael Kane 5-12-21 The case of BUENO vs NYC DOE challenging the NYC DOE in-school COVID testing regime for employees has finished the stage of written arguments. Below we have includedContinue reading “Bueno vs NYC DOE Nears Hearing Date”

Lawsuit Challenging In-School COVID Testing of Students Streaming Live Tuesday, May 11th

Aviles vs. De Blasio Appeal Hearing UPDATE — The May 11th hearing was an emergency hearing seeking an immediate injunction to allow students whos parents had not signed the in-school COVID testing consent form to come back into school immediately. The motion was denied and the appeal will be heard again in July. That meansContinue reading “Lawsuit Challenging In-School COVID Testing of Students Streaming Live Tuesday, May 11th”

Massive Contamination and Poor Practices in COVID Testing Lab

This is outstanding undercover investigative journalism from BBC reporter Jacqui Wakefield (pictured above) exposing contamination and mismanagement at a major COVID testing lab in England. So not only are the PCR tests extremely unreliable even when used correctly, we now have massive mismanagement to worry about! There are parallels with the COVID lab failings WakefieldContinue reading “Massive Contamination and Poor Practices in COVID Testing Lab”

NYC In-School COVID Testing is Designed to Close Schools, Not Keep Them Open

The Fraudulent 2 Case Rule by Michael Kane 3-27-21 In NYC Public Schools there is a mandatory in-school COVID testing program. If 2 positive cases are found in the same building, the entire building gets shutdown. The 2 cases don’t even need to be related to one another. Many prominent health officials have said thisContinue reading “NYC In-School COVID Testing is Designed to Close Schools, Not Keep Them Open”

Mainstream News Outlets Cover TEACHERS FOR CHOICE New Lawsuit

by Michael Kane 3-13-21 The NY POST, Daily News, and 1010 WINS have all reported on TEACHERS FOR CHOICE most recent lawsuit challenging NYC’s mandatory in-school COVID testing regime. None of the reports mention TEACHERS FOR CHOICE. I know for a fact 1010 WINS and NY POST found out about the lawsuit from our reportContinue reading “Mainstream News Outlets Cover TEACHERS FOR CHOICE New Lawsuit”