New York Teachers – Look Where Your COPE MONEY is Being Spent

AFT & UFT Create Super Pac Using Kids to Promote Scott Stringer for NYC Mayor


by Michael Kane


AFT & UFT have created a Super PAC putting $1.5 million of our COPE political contributions into supporting Scott Stringer for mayor. The Super PAC is called NY4Kids Inc. and uses children as news anchors to promote Stringer for mayor.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is 100% opposed to Stringer becoming mayor of NYC. He is on record that he will force children to get the COVID vaccine even though the science shows they are at less risk from COVID than they are from flu and are not significant spreaders of the SARS CoV-2 virus. We are also now seeing reports that the CDC is investigating cases of heart inflammation in teenagers shortly after they are injected with the COVID vaccine, and 93 Israeli doctors have called for all COVID vaccination of children to stop immediately.

Disgustingly, after a full year of AFT & UFT helping to keep schools shuttered, allowing “Zoom in a Room” to masquerade as in-person learning, assisting the Big Tech agenda to “reimagine” education at a distance via technology, and now supporting forced COVID vaccination of children who are at minimal risk, our unions and Stringer have the nerve to use kids to sell their propaganda.

Just gross.

This is another reason you must STOP COPE PAYMENTS TO ALL NEW YORK TEACHER UNIONS NOW! And once you STOP COPE, then send that money instead to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE as we are building a fund to prepare for the next round of forced medical mandates certain to be coming at educators and students that are unlawful.

Once you STOP COPE payments, please send that money to :

Health Freedom Defense Fund

PO Box 7217, Ketchum, ID 83340.

And write “NYTC Legal” in the check note

If you still have more questions about our STOP COPE campaign, learn more HERE

Also watch the first 8 minutes of TEACHERS FOR CHOICE May 18th press conference to learn even more reasons why New York educators must STOP COPE payments now HERE

2 thoughts on “New York Teachers – Look Where Your COPE MONEY is Being Spent

  1. As a UFT member, before I switch my COPE, what is the game plan for when Cuomo mandates the vaccine for educators and students or better yet, the state of NY?


    1. We arw asking you to STOP COPE and redirect that money to TEACHERS FOR CHOICE legal fund to prep for whatever the next battle is. Inclusion suing Cuomo. It is highly unlikely Cuomo will unilaterally make the COVID jab universally required for all New Yorkers. WAY too unpopular of a move. It would go through the legislature. Albany closes till January on Jun 10th, and there is not one COVID vaccine bill heing considered.


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