Update on Bill for NY Adult Vaccine Database

Join John Gilmore’s action list to keep following this bill

by Michael Kane


Sadly bill A279, which would create a state-wide adult vaccine database in New York, is moving forward in Albany and is likely to become a law before June 10th – just two weeks from now. There is still a chance to stop it, but the odds are not in our favor.

The bill passed the CODES Committee after it was amended to allow a person the option to opt-out of the database at the time they are vaccinated. The *ONLY* reason that amendment was made was because of all of your calls and emails. It is now headed to the Rules committee and if it passes there it will likely make it to the Assembly floor for a general vote.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE can no longer follow this bill and the action alerts surrounding it. There are too many other issues and efforts we need to pursue and our time and resources are limited.

However we strongly encourage everyone to keep up with all the updates on this bill, and all Albany bills related to vaccination and health freedom. To do that please join John Gilmore’s action alert list at the following link:

John Gilmore is the Executive Director of New York’s chapter of Children’s Health Defense as well as Autism Action Network. Some people have criticized TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) for publishing posts from John. To be clear, we do not support every single position that he and his organization holds but there are many we do support, and we will continue to align with him when we have a common goal and purpose.

That’s how politics works – it’s the only way it works.

John was a very early and enthusiastic supporter of TfC. Our very first action alert related to in-school COVID testing and DNA specimens was a success in large part because he supported and amplified it back when we had very few followers.

I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for John’s action alerts and, if an alert comes you don’t agree with, ignore that one. Rest assured one that you DO support is sure to eventually come your way.

If you join his email list you will have to enter your home address and phone number because the one-click technology sends your email to every relevant lawmaker in Albany automatically. The emails will not be accepted if they do not have your address and phone number. John Gilmore does not share your information with anyone, ever. He has been lobbying Albany for decades on behalf of people with disabilities and is a true civil liberties warrior fighting bad vaccination bills since before I ever even knew there was such a thing.

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