Here Are The Mayoral Candidates To Rank in NYC Democratic Primary

Adams in lead but Wiley surges following AOC endorsement: Poll


TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) is not endorsing one candidate for NYC mayor at this time. However, we are going to recommend 3 candidates for you to rank and 5 who you should not vote for. The reason we recommend the below 3 candidates is because on May 13th they chose not to raise their hands when asked if they would force teachers and students to take the COVID vaccine. The other 5 candidates did not raise their hands for forcing teachers to get the COVID vaccine, but did raise their hand to force students; so all 5 of those chumps are completely done for TfC.

We have reached out to their campaigns to get more info on in-school COVID testing and vaccine passports but have not heard back from them. If we do get more of a response on these critical areas we will publish the information and, perhaps, make a more formal endorsement.

Eric Adams

Adams is a former NYPD police officer who is running as the law & order candidate. We have heard rumblings from our activist sources that he is not excited about vaccine passports or children being kicked out of school over medical mandates. However we have gotten not a single response back from his campaign regarding these crucial issues at this point in time. We are currently recommending you rank him when you vote in the Democratic primary.

Recently comments Adams made regarding remote learning have come to light. In February of 2021 he stated that school should be expanded to 12 months of the year, and that the summer session could be done remotely using 1 teacher for 300 to 400 students. Adams stated recently that he is committed to in-person learning in the fall and during the regular school year.

In the most recent NY1 poll Adams jumped way ahead of Andrew Yang to become the far-and-away 1st place leader as crime and safety are proving to be the hot topic of the mayoral race as we enter June.

Maya Wiley

Wiley is running as a left-wing progressive who wants to reform policing in NYC. We do not know at all where she stands on vaccine passports and in-school COVID testing. We did take note when Local 1199 Healthcare Workers endorsed her campaign, however we were saddened when we heard she accepted a large PAC donation from billionaire George Soros. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is not enthusiastic to see a candidate given money from Soros. It was also very disappointing to see her promoting a “vaccinated only” concert in NYC. Despite these bad signals, we are still recommending that you rank Wiley when you vote. Wiley is currently in 4th place in the most recent NY1 mayoral poll.

Ray McGuire

McGuire comes from a long career in business and bills himself as “the outsider” who is not beholden to any political affiliation. We have not received any information from McGuire on vaccine passports or in-school COVID testing. We are currently recommending that you rank McGuire. In the latest NY1 poll he ranked 7th out of 8.


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