Philly Teacher Refuses In-School COVID Testing

He needs our help!

Donate to his GoFundMe HERE

On Verge of Getting Fired

by Michael Kane


Neal Follman is a tenured teacher working in the Philadelphia School system for 11 years. He refused in-school COVID testing at his job when he was told every employee must be tested in the school building. His refusal got him placed on unpaid leave and, ever since then, he has been a one-man teacher revolution protesting in front of the Philly Board of Ed practically every day.

He needs our help!

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has already donated $1,000 to Neal’s legal fight against the Philly Board of Education. He has a lawyer who I have spoken with and, by every account, has spent his career fighting for the working class in Philly just like our attorney Michael Sussman has done in New York.

Please donate to Neal’s GOFUNDME today —

“They test every employee every Friday, right before the weekend when we have two days off from work. What does that do to promote ‘safety’ in our schools? I could be COVID negative on Friday, then catch COVID on Sunday. They will still let me teach on Monday. What kind of sense does this make?” said Follman when we spoke on the phone.

Logical questions.

But no one in urban school systems seem to care about logic any longer.

Follman told his boss he would gladly get COVID tested by his own doctor and have the results of the test submitted to his employer, exactly what happened in New York in the case BUENO vs NYC DOE. His reasonable request was denied and he was placed on unpaid leave. Follman has had two disciplinary hearings and is on track to be fired. If we meet the fundraising goal set in Neal’s GoFundMe, his attorney has committed to seeing this case to the very end. Neal is the ONLY TEACHER in Pennsylvania we know of that is challenging forced in school COVID testing. He has all the makings of a leader, and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is very proud to be standing with him!

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