Get Your Religious Exemption In by Monday September 20th

by Michael Kane


The religious exemption to vaccination being offered by the NYC DOE is a fraudulent, unconstitutional and illegal process. However you must apply by the set deadline regardless of this reality and regardless of whether you get denied. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE cannot and does not give legal advice. However here is what most of our members and supporters are doing:

(1) Don’t miss the Mon. Sept 20th deadline to file.

(2) Upload your religious exemption to the SOLAS system as NYC DOE recommends.

(3) You can also send certified mail as well. Good to do.

(4) Some are recommending to ONLY send certified mail; TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not recommend this.

(5) If you do this the NYC DOE may say you missed your opportunity to apply at all, even if to say so is illegal in itself.

(6) The “accommodation” being offered to RE recipients by NYC DOE is illegal.

(7) State directly in your letter you believe it is illegal to be removed from your appointed position over your sincerely held religious beliefs.

(8) This fraudulent process by NYC DOE will be challenged in court in a matter of days by our attorney. The complaint is near completion.

(9) Hold out till the very end! There is a restraining order in place right now. That may get extended to a preliminary injunction which would erase the Sept 27th deadline for vaccination and give much needed relief to educators choosing to not get vaccinated for a least the duration of the legal proceedings and trial. DO NOT CAVE IN NOW! WE HAVE THE MOMENTUM!

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