The Tide is Turning in America

Discrimination & Segregation of the Unvaccinated will NOT be Tolerated

by Michael Kane


Just one month ago forced vaccination to work or participate in society in NYC seemed to be a done deal. Then TEACHERS FOR CHOICE sponsored a massive protest at City Hall on August 25th, and another on September 13th, and boy has the tide changed since.

The MLC lawsuit – which is the entire NYC unionized workforce suing City Hall – has gotten a restraining order against the September 27th covid vaccine deadline for all Department of Education employees. More lawsuits wait in the wings (including TEACHERS FOR CHOICE, which is coming in days) and more public figures are getting bold enough to speak out against forced vaccination mandates.

There is a cultural shift happening as well. Shortly after our protest hip-hop superstar Nicki Minaj spoke out about being unvaccinated herself and defending the rights of those who choose not to get the covid vaccine. And in the political mish-mosh world we find ourselves in today Minaj ended up retweeting Tucker Carlson’s defense of her on FOX News. (You gotta love that!).

Also shortly after our protest comedian Jim Breuer announced he will not perform at any venues that segregate and discriminate against unvaccinated patrons. This is how we are going to win. The tide is turning. It is not ok to segregate or discriminate in America over race, creed, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or vaccine status.

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