Twitter Storm on Monday and Tuesday – Calling on Judge LOVE!


Judge Love is the brave justice who imposed a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the September 27th NYC DOE deadline of forced covid vaccination for all DOE employees. On Monday Sept 20th and Tuesday Sept 21st, we call on everyone on all social media platforms to send a storm of tweets and posts urging Judge Love to issue a preliminary injunction which will completely wipe away the 27th deadline of vaccinate or lose your job. It will stop the mandate from taking effect for at least as long as the MLC lawsuit is taking place in court.

Use these two hashtags:

#TeachersForChoice #WeWillNotComply

Here is the first tweet we sent out in this campaign:

Please retweet this and come up with some of your own. Here are two other suggestions:

WE LOVE JUDGE LOVE! Thank you for stopping forced vaccination of NYC Educators. But now, let’s make it permanent! #TeachersForChocie #WeWillNotComply


#LoveJudgeLove! #TeachersForChoice #WeWillNotComply

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