NYC Educators Sue de Blasio Over Forced Vaccination Policy

Attorney Sujata Gibson Files in Federal Court




Teachers, educators and administrators filed a federal lawsuit today challenging Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City over the forced COVID vaccination policy set to begin on September 27. Unlike other City employees who were ordered to either get the shot or submit to weekly testing, the educators have no testing option.

The lawsuit is sponsored by TEACHERS FOR CHOICE and Children’s Health Defense NY, the New York chapter of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s health activist group. Attorney Sujata Gibson filed in the New York Southern District Court for a group of NYC Department of Education (DOE) employees, including Michael Kane, the founder TEACHERS FOR CHOICE.

“These policies are as blatantly unconstitutional as they are repulsive.” said Gibson. “This issue is long-settled and it shocks the conscience that this type of unconstitutional discrimination would be resurrected by the NYC DOE.”

The complaint challenges the Mayor’s mandatory vaccination order as illegal and takes on the fraudulent medical and religious exemption policy underway by the NYC DOE. All the plaintiffs have filed for a religious or medical exemption to vaccination, and so far, it appears every DOE employee who has filed for a religious exemption has been denied.

“It is truly a shame that the New York City Department of Education has no clue what the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution is, “ said Kane.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE has received hundreds of emails from NYC DOE employees stating their religious exemptions have been denied, and there has been not one single report of any religious exemptions being approved.

“Mayor de Blasio’s lawless policies might sound tough, and may scare some employees into obedience,” said John Gilmore, President of Children’s Health Defense NY. “But we believe the Court will see through the posturing and stop this needless injustice.”

11 thoughts on “NYC Educators Sue de Blasio Over Forced Vaccination Policy

  1. I have been denied the religious exemption. I immediatedly tried to appeal and call. When I tried to appeal the recording said they are experiencing a high volume of calls. I was not able to appeal with no response.


  2. I work in the school my supervisor stop me for doing my overtime and write in my book that I should handled my id & shield to the central command. Because I don’t want to get the shot.i am not be able to put food in the table,I can’t collect any benefits or applying for unemployment.


  3. What about us sub paras? Tried applying for exemption. Application was “administratively closed”. Contacted UFT, but was told no option other than vax or be suspended.


    1. I need to have a letter in order to sue ,because I went to the website for Eeoc they don’t have appointment available


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