Restraining Order Request to be Filed This Week in KANE vs DE BLASIO


Last night and this morning TEACHERS FOR CHOICE did a barrage of media.

INSIDE EDITION, EYEWITNESS NEWS, FOX & FRIENDS and perhaps GOOD MORNING AMERICA (still trying to confirm if GMA occurred). PIX 11 had a great piece on how there will be a shortage in school safety agents in NYC Schools when this mandate goes into effect. Some were friendly to us, some were foe. Doesn’t matter. We are getting our message out there that KANE vs DE BLASIO is seeking a third restraining order this week to stop de Blasio’s forced vaccination mandate in NYC Schools.

There are two other cases working their way through the courts – the Maniscalco class action case and the MLC case. Both of those received restraining orders from the courts but, unfortunately, both orders were dissolved. However KANE vs DE BLASIO is the last chance to gain temporary relief from a restraining order in hopes of getting an injunction.



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