Tomorrow is going to be a “S-tshow” Says One NYC Principal

from Michael Kane


Do not give in to go to work at NYC Schools tomorrow!

Hold on for a few more days!

Don’t go against your personal beliefs!

Do NOT get a covid shot if it goes against your beliefs!

Go to the TEACHER MARCH tomorrow and protest!

KANE vs DE BLASIO is seeking emergency relief first thing in the morning Monday, October 4th.

And the news and info breaking about how terrible tomorrow is going to be is bad, real bad:

Check out how bad it is:

  • On the evening of Saturday October 2nd, an online chat group made of only UFT & NYC DOE employees exploded with information on the newly announced redeployment of central office NYC DOE staffers. In the social media group known as NYC DOE TEACHERS AND OTHER UFT MEMBERS ONLY CHAT a group post was made by “Florely FP” stating hundreds of central staff workers were just informed on Saturday October 2nd they must report to schools on Monday to cover the coming teacher and staff shortages. The MOA states the reassignment of these employees could be until June of 2022 and these employees were given no prior notice and no time to even collect their personal items in their central office. Some of these employees are being deployed in different boroughs than where they currently work, adding hours to their commutes. Some have no idea how they will pick up their own kids from school now that their daily schedules and routines have been turned upside down with only 1-day notice.
  • This is a huge contradiction to the recent public statements from Mayor de Blasio where he repeatedly states that there are “thousands and thousands” of qualified substitutes ready to be deployed. On Saturday October 2nd in an article written by Melissa Klein and Susan Edeleman published in the NY POST, a Brooklyn principal was quoted as saying, “They’re saying there’s plenty of substitutes. They’re smoking crack. I think (Monday) will be an all-around s-tshow.”
  • Over the weekend Tracie Strahan reported on NBC that Brooklyn Tech High School normally has 20 security guards on duty, but as of Monday October 4th that may drop to only 1 security guard.
  • Veteran NY POST reporter Susan Edelman announced NYC DOE still has 15,000 employees who are unvaccinated. She tweeted the following the evening of Friday October 1st:
  • NYC gives numbers: As of today, the city says, at least 90% of all DOE employees (133,00 out of 148,000) are vaccinated — including 72,500 out of 78,000 teachers and 1,570 out of 1,600 principals. “Full and final numbers” promised on Monday
  • She later confirmed this by publishing these numbers in the NY POST the next day.
  • Some schools in Staten Island may lose 100 staff members tomorrow.
  • I heard one credible report from a CEC President in Queens of a school that is poised to lose its entire science department as well as every Black educator in the building.


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