Bronx Student Stabbed in School

School was missing 50% of Safety Officers Due To Vaccine Mandate Staffing Crisis

by Michael Kane


Do we need a child to be killed to reverse Mayor de Blasio’s dangerous mandate?

The vaccine mandate from de Blasio has led to staff shortages, and just 4 days into those shortages a student was stabbed multiple times in a Bronx school that was missing 50% of its school safety agents due to the mandate-induced staffing crisis. The NYC DOE admited the Bronx school only had 2 safety agents on duty when 4 were required.

CBS News reported the following:

Teamsters Local 237 President Gregory Floyd who represents school safety agents, says the combination of “defund the police” cuts and the vaccine mandate have spelled a dramatic drop in personnel — 1,200 agents who retired weren’t replaced and 600 more are not at work because they refused to get the COVID shot. Instead of 5,500 agents, Floyd says there are now 3,700. “This results in violence not being prevented,” he said.

A group called the School Safety Coalition will be holding a protest tomorrow, Sunday, October 10th, in City Hall Park over the increased violence and failed response. It is unclear if this protest will call for the vaccine mandate to be reversed or paused in order to address the current staffing crisis in NYC Schools. Get protest details HERE

Violence happens in NYC Schools; that is an unfortunate reality. The last thing you want to do is cripple a school with short-staffing when there is just barely enough people in the building to begin with! Especially school safety officers.

Kids are smart.

They know when there are missing staff members, and they know how to use such information to their advantage. Most times that information is used for small infractions that hardly go noticed. Sometimes, unfortunately, that information is used to detroy lives. The stabbing in the Bronx on October 7th was nearly fatal, having produced multiple punctures to the victim’s legs and stomache.

The picture at the top of this report is circulating on social media and is alleged to be from the crime scene inside the school just moments after the stabbing. When these incidents happen in schools, students are documenting them immediately with their cell phone cameras.

Thank God no one was killed.

Will someone be killed next week?

One thought on “Bronx Student Stabbed in School

  1. I am a 22 year veteran teacher and I will be retiring in a week to avoid the mandate, leaving my school without an 8th grade teacher in October


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