Critical Injunction Hearing KANE vs DE BLASIO 10-12-21

We Need THOUSANDS To Be There!



Next Tuesday is no day to be tutoring or job hunting or anything.

Next Tuesday, 10-12-21, 11am everyone needs to come to the following courthouse:

Thurgood Marshal United States Courthouse

40 Foley Square, New York, NY

Courtroom 443 before the Hon. Judge Valerie Caproni

We are arguing for an injunction to stop the vaccine mandate currently in place in NYC Schools. If the injunction is not granted there is still the possibility our case will be successful in time, however there is no telling what time frame such potential success might come within.

We need thousands of people to show up TUESDAY, 10-12-21, 11AM, THURGOOD MARSHAL UNITED STATES COURTHOUSE, 40 FOLEY SQUARE in MANHATTAN

Interested members of the public may listen to the proceeding remotely by dialing


using the access code 3121171

and the security code 7863.

All of those accessing the hearing are reminded that recording or rebroadcasting of the proceeding is prohibited by law. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil on 10/5/2021) (tg) (Entered: 10/05/2021)

3 thoughts on “Critical Injunction Hearing KANE vs DE BLASIO 10-12-21

  1. What DeBlasio is doing is horrible. This is not saving people. It’s hurting people. If he thinks this will pave the way for child vaccinations he’s going to have many kids leaving the doe including my own. The vaccine helps the high risk and limits infection. It does not create herd immunity and never will. The entire foundation for the mandate is not based on science or facts and is a huge injustice to many Americans who want to make safe choices. mRNA has never been used this is not something that has long term studies and he should be held accountable for all the adverse effects and death testing from the mandate. There is no federal maranta either. This is unacceptable.


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