BREAKING – KANE vs DE BLASIO Files Appeal in Second Circuit Federal Court

from Michael Kane


Today our attorney Sujata Gibson filed a notice of appeal in the second circuit federal court in the case KANE vs DE BLASIO. This is the case sponsored by TEACHERS FOR CHOICE claiming the NYC DOE’S religious exemption to vaccination process is fraudulent, illegal and unconstitutional.

The emergency motions of appeal to the second circuit court will be filed sometime this week, as they are currently being reviewed by our team of legal experts.

6 thoughts on “BREAKING – KANE vs DE BLASIO Files Appeal in Second Circuit Federal Court

  1. My prayers are with you all! We need relief from this medical and religious persecution!
    The bus boycotts moved the powers that were persecution blacks in the 1960s..and the rescinded the law that barred AAs from sitting in thr ftont of the bus..We need to show the governmental authorities that we cannot be displaced based on vaccine status! Without us the city will not function!


  2. All this other city workers should have been with us from the get, had they shut the city down then, we would have been in a better path


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