Emergency Motions Filed to Second Circuit Court in KANE vs DE BLASIO

by Michael Kane


On Monday October 25th a notice of appeal was filed to the second circuit federal court in KANE vs. DE BLASIO. On Tuesday October 26th the emergency motions were filed which can be downloaded as a pdf file here:

The emergency motions ask for an injunction to be issued no later than October 28th at 5pm. That doesn’t guarantee that the court will rule by that time, but certainly underscores the urgency of the matter.

Thousands of NYC DOE employees on unpaid leave are looking at tough decisions they need to make by the end of this week. In order to maintain medical benefits or collect a small severance payment one must sign away their rights to sue the NYC DOE. We encourage you to follow this injunction request closely before finalizing those decisions.

On Sunday a coalition of medical freedom fighters and Black Lives Matter Greater NY made local, national and international news protesting at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. The next day over 20,000 NYC union members and their families marched over the Brooklyn Bridge in protest of the forced vaccine mandates from De Blasio (and Eric Adams) to keep their jobs as NYC workers. I was also recently told by a reliable source that Andy Ansboro, head of the NYC Firefighters union has just endorsed a protest on Thursday, October 28th against the NYC vaccine mandates. If this is true it is the FIRST TIME IN NYC that a union boss has OFFICIALLY ENDORSED A PROTEST AGAINST A VACCINE MANDATE.


Sanitation workers across NYC have begun an intentional work slowdown in protest of the vaccine mandate.

There is a ton of momentum on our side right now in NYC.

Stay tuned…

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