Injunction Denied in KANE vs DE BLASIO

from Michael Kane


Unfortunately, the Second Circut Court did not issue injunctive relief pending appeal in KANE vs DE BLASIO based on review by one Judge, but he is sending it to a three Judge panel for review which usually takes a few weeks.

Tomorrow is October 29th and is the final day to make some decisions if you are an NYC DOE employee on unpaid leave. A dear friend of mine who is currently on unpaid leave (as I am) sent me the following summary:

OPTION 1 – October 29th is the deadline to leave the DOE with benefits for a year and get your CAR days paid out to you 1:1, up to 100 days. For many this is equal to thousands, even 10’s of thousands of dollars.

OPTION 2 – November 30th is the rolling deadline to inform the DOE that you’ll keep the leave with health benefits till 9-5-2022. You can return, vaccinated, at any time till that date. Once vacciante, you will return to your school within 7 days after consulting with your builidng principal.

If you choose either option you cannot sue the NYC DOE.

December 1st is when the DOE says it will initiate proceedings to fire everyone who didn’t do either option 1 or option 2. You get fired, but you retain the right to sue

No one can make any of these decisions for you. Good luck and god bless everyone

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