Dead Because of De Blasio

RIP 7-year-old Robert Resto


A day after the vaccine mandate deadline caused staff shortages across the FDNY, closing or short-staffing 26 firehouses, 7-year-old Robert Resto was killed and his 54-year-old grandmother was seriously hurt after a deadly blaze engulfed their Washington Heights home around 1.30am Saturday.

It is the mandate that created the short staffing in the NYC fire department. Mayor de Blasio is obsessed with force injecting adults with the covid vaccine. Most of the firefighters not at work have naturally acquired immunity to covid from being previously infected while working during the height of the pandemic, protecting and serving NYC. This means they already have antibodies to SARS CoV-2 and do not need the vaccine.

Now a 7-year-old boy is dead because of de Blasio’s anti-science political obsession with vaccination. The mayor should be ashamed of himself and face criminal charges for the death of Robert Resto and for endangering every individual living in NYC right now.

De Blasio’s obsession with vaccination goes back to at least 2018 when he forced every man, woman, and child living and working in 4 Brooklyn zip codes to get the MMR vaccine. At that time he sent “health police” door to door to find out the MMR vaccine status of everyone in the household. This was years before covid. Today de Blasio shows no signs of being a public servant as mayor but rather looks more like a vaccine salesman. The reckless and despicable decisions of the mayor forces one to wonder what job he is auditioning for with these dangerous and unnecessary policies that have nothing to do with public health.

If this was really about “public health” why is a 7-year-old boy now dead as a direct result of “public health” policy?

4 thoughts on “Dead Because of De Blasio

  1. We should do a citizen arrest against De Blasio and file criminal charges in behalf of Robert Resto. Contact me I would gladly execute the citizen arrest !


  2. Two more days..and he is finally out!
    But will Adams restore sanity and freedom?
    I pray the Democrats lose on Tuesday..
    They represent nothing but higher taxes and tyranny! SAVE NYC! VOTE THE DEMS OUT OF OFFICE!


  3. Adams is NG
    We are scr$&@d

    I AM SILENTLY rallying in front of the Met Museum Nov. 5 and 13
    Polite signs no noise no permit

    See u at rally tmmrw City Hall
    Eva/Esl teacher/artist


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