Learn How to Leave the UFT and Get Your Dues Back Now

Monday, 11-15-21, 6:30pm ZOOM Call

Pre-register HERE


Did the UFT Force you to inject a covid vaccine you didn’t want to keep your job?

Are you tired of the UFT and AFT using your hard-earned money for causes you don’t support?

Did you already follow directions to leave the UFT, but they are still taking your union dues?

Did you apply for a religious and/or medical exemption in NYC Schools?

IF you answered YES to any of these questions, pre-register for our Zoom call by clicking on the following link:


Event costs $10

If you are on unpaid leave and have no income, please email us at Valeriecimino@aol.com and we can waive the fee.

Join TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s Michael Kane, NY STATE TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s Valerie Domenici, retired teacher Keith Williams, as well as Rita Palma of MY KIDS, MY CHOICE and John Gilmore of Autism Action Network, to learn how to leave the union and, if you already have left, how to get your hard earned dues refunded back to you.

3 thoughts on “Learn How to Leave the UFT and Get Your Dues Back Now

  1. Was this meeting canceled? I also was told that if I am on unpaid leave to email at a separate email address and I am continuously sent the email to pay the $10. I am confused.


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