CHD TV Covers Faith Rally in NYC

NYC Educators Fighting for Religious Exemptions to Vaccination

by Michael Kane


Yesterday we were back in court fighting the city of New York over their unconstitutional religious exemption process for the covid vaccine requirement which placed thousands of NYC educators on unpaid leave.

CHD.TV live streamed the rally, prayers and testimony given by out-of-work educators directly in front of the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in downtown Manhattan. The 2nd Circuit Court banned the public from entering the courthouse as only the attorneys were allowed inside, but the rallying in front of the courthouse was remarkable!

Special shoutout to Stephanie Edmonds of TEACHING LIBERTY for graciously running the livestream for CHD.TV. She is an amazing, brave, brilliant educator currently on unpaid leave for declining covid vaccination, holding the line and supporting the NYC Labor Movement against forced medical mandates.


WATCH Attorneys exit the courtroom after arguing brilliantly in court and speaking in front of the courthouse:

WATCH NYC Educators in the park listen to the livestream audio of KANE vs DE BLASIO & KEIL vs NYC being argued in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Democracy in the park!


Watch some more rally high-points published on Instagram:

Our amazing attorneys exit the courtroom after flawless arguments as NYC Educators on unpaid leave cheer them on!

Democracy in the Park!

Mo is told he can’t use the megaphone in front of the courthouse:

Mo & Kane

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