NYC Teachers Denied Religious Exemption for Third Time


Attorneys Apply for Another Emergency Injunction


by Michael Kane

In the lawsuits KANE vs DE BLASIO and KEIL vs NYC the plaintiffs won an injunction that allowed them to reapply for a religious exemption to vaccination in what equated to a third attempt.

Nearly all who reapplied were denied, including myself.

Immediately following the blanket denials plaintiffs attorneys filed motions in the court for yet another emergency injunction. Below is the letter declaring a motion for injunction and class certification as well as a declaration from attorney Sujata Gibson on behalf of the KANE plaintiffs.

10 thoughts on “NYC Teachers Denied Religious Exemption for Third Time

      1. I hear you. But how much longer can we be without pay. I am getting nearly to $0?
        Its just worry some. But the fight continues.


    1. Same here. They’ve had it for almost a month. Absolutely outrageous. Also, no word on when I can expect my severance pay.


  1. In addition to not hearing anything about my appeal, I JUST got notification that my license needs to be renewed by Jan 31!  But that can’t happen if I’m not at my school/ on this forced LWOP! 

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