Jo Speaks Truth Arrested at APPLEBEES Sit-In Queens, NY

Sit-In Demanding To Be Served Food Without Showing Proof of Vaccination

Economic Warfare on Businesses that Segregate

by Michael Kane


Jo Rose – aka “Jo Speaks Truth” – and others were arrested tonight for refusing to leave an Applebees in Queens, NY when they would not produce any proof of vaccination. Jo is a noted NEW YORK FREEDOM RALLY (NYFR) activist who is best known for leading activists over the Brooklyn Bridge to Borough Hall and confronting mayor-elect Eric Adams.

These arrests at Applebees come after NYFR activists targeted Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack. This officially kicks off what is certain to be a wave of civil disobedience in NYC for 2022 in protest to segregation based upon vaccine status.

Cheesecake Sit-In

On Tuesday, December 14, NYFR Activists were arrested for staging a sit-in at Cheesecake Factory in Queens. The action and arrests got a ton of attention on social media including from @PatriotTakes on Twitter. This account does not support anti-mandate protesters. Some of my sources tell me this is a Soros-funded platform and seemed to provide the opportunity for an odd counter-narrative to develop that the liberal press picked up.

The story got picked up in a number of places that claimed the protesters didn’t get arrested for refusing to show proof of vaccination, but rather because the activists were rude and cut the line in front of other patrons. The notion that police would be called and they would make arrests for “cutting the line” is pure comedy! I wonder if anyone accused the freedom fighters of the 1950’s sit-ins of being “rude” to other patrons. I do believe this was one argument made about Rosa Parkes at the time; that she was “rude” and “disrespectful” for not giving up her seat on the bus.

In 2022 I pray many millions of Americans and humans across the globe will be “rude” and “disrespectful” in this very same manner!

Economic Warfare

Tweets of video from the sit-in and arrests were viewed millions of times leading to the term “Cheesecake Factory” trending on Twitter.

The next day, Cheesecake Factory’s stock price plummeted, and NYFR announced widely they would be returning to sit-in again at the same location the very next evening. When activists arrived at the Cheesecake Factory it was closed for business in anticipation of another sit-in, and the restaurant was surrounded by dozens of police. I can’t help but wonder who made this decision. Seeing the stock price tumble leads me to think the national Cheescake Factory business might have intervened. This is an indication of what the way forward will likely be for anti-mandate protesters – attacking brands that support segregation.

Seeing Cheesecake Factory closed, the NYFR activists walked across the street and went to SHAKE SHACK.

The owner of Shake Shack is Danny Meyer, who was the first major business owner to require vaccine passports for all patrons long before there were any government mandates for this. The activists ordered food “to go” at Shake Shack but then snuck under the roped-off dine-in section and ate their food in the restaurant. No one at Shake Shack did anything to prevent the activists from eating their meal. Again, I wonder if Shake Shack was aware of the terrible press Cheesecake Factory had received that day and did not want their brand smeared in the press.

Then it was time for a nightcap.

NYFR activists headed over to Applebees where they sat down to be served, but service was refused to them and after a long, peaceful standoff between activists and police, multiple arrests were made. This was reported by Insider, which is a noted financial publication. As these protests seem to be hurting the brands – and stock prices – of the companies that are being targeted, the financial world is paying close attention.

What happens at Applebees, Shake Shack, or Cheesecake Factory in NYC does not simply stay in NYC. It has implications for that brand across the country and across the entire world. Money is power

Watch the Applebees arrest here:

2 thoughts on “Jo Speaks Truth Arrested at APPLEBEES Sit-In Queens, NY

  1. Probably need more like this but need to gather more people for each sit in.
    To do this, I suggest rallies in Jamaica , Queens and other areas of the city where people are extremely unhappy, demoralized, disempowered, hate their local useless Reps., took the vax to keep their jobs, do not want more vaxxes, but dont know what to do, to get more popular support for this – people simply do not know what is happening. Outreach to other Vets might be a good idea, too.

    I know this for a fact;; I talk to everyone on busses, in the stores, in neighborhoods every day. People out there need a rallying point and instructions on handouts about concrete events , like sit-ins. .


  2. Also
    I told them a few choice things
    They need to REVISIT their policy
    They will lose more biz as the situation evolves
    Call them: 818 871 3000


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