FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022

TORONTO STAR and CBC Banned from Press Conference!

by Michael Kane


The lead organizers of the historic Ottawa Truck Freedom Convoy 2022 held their first press conference and explained why most MSM organizations were excluded from it. Spokesman Benjamin Dichter, who is a fully vaccinated trucker, explained it was CBC and Toronto Star that started the lie that their GO FUND ME account was frozen. The group has had no problems with their GO FUND ME. In fact, the organizers stated how well GO FUND ME has been working with them. Organizers believe this lie was an attempt to prevent people from donating.

Dichter spoke gleefully of the congestion truckers are creating in Canada.

“Their are so many trucks it’s become a logistics nightmare for the government, which is great because the government has solved all our problems, right? Let them solve this problem for us,” said Dichter.

When asked how long they intended to stay in Ottawa Dichter said, “2023? 2024?” With over $9 million raised through their GO FUND ME Dichter stated they had virtually “endless resources” for truckers to sit in Ottawa indefinitely.

One of the reporters stated in the press conference that the Ottawa Police reported there was not a single incident of violence reported and not a single injury. However the MSM continues to try to paint the picture of a racist, January 6th Movement taking over Ottawa. Complete nonsense, and the amazing Canadians are proving it to be nonsense as each day passes in their Capitol.

The organizers are keeping all politicians out of their movement, stating they want Unity across all political persuasions. I can’t praise this position enough. As one of the organizers of DEFEAT THE MANDATES DC this was precisely the message and focus of that event and it worked very well. Looks like it is working very well in Ottawa too.

Freedom Convoy 2022 Organizer Tamara Lich stated that the Convoy had her fellow citizens feeling pride in being Canadians once again, and that this was more of a cultural movement than a political one.

Chris Barber was in the press conference as well and is largely credited with being the spark that ignited the Freedom Convoy with a social media rant that went viral.

Watch the entire press conference broadcast on Twitter here:

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