EMERGENCY ACTION NEEDED!! NY Gov Hochul Creating “Covid Camps”


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NY bill to arrest/ jail mere ‘SUSPECTED threats to public health – like the unvaxxed- reappears in regulation due to pass Feb 14.

@GovKathyHochul will have 100% say as to who goes to prison. Tell #GovernorGulag #NOCovidCamps


NY Gulag Governor sneaking through a regulation giving her the power to arrest and indefinitely detain people as suspected health threats

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is trying to give herself sweeping new powers with a recently proposed regulation that would allow her to arrest anybody “possibly having a particular disease or condition” and imprison them without trial or due process in Covid camps or other settings for as long as public health officials think detainment is necessary.

Hochul’s regulation completely bypasses the legislature, including public debate and voting by elected representatives. A similar proposed law (Assembly Bill A416) was withdrawn by the bill’s sponsor after receiving scathing attention in the global media last month.

Hochul is determined to give herself this power whether the legislature agrees or not. The regulation comes into effect after a public comment period ending February 14. See the proposed regulation here: https://regs.health.ny.gov/sites/default/files/proposed-regulations/Investigation%20of%20Communicable%20Disease%3B%20Isolation%20and%20Quarantine.pdf

You need to take action now to stop this regulation now!

Send Comments: The regulation is now in a public comment period. Please send comments. They become part of the official record and the NYS Department of Health is required to respond to them. The contact information for official submitting a comment, which is open is:

New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Program Counsel, Regulatory Affairs Unit

Re: Amendment of Part 2, Section 405.3 and Addition of Section 58-1.14 to Title 10 NYCRR (Investigation of Communicable Disease; Isolation and Quarantine)
Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, Rm. 2438
Albany, New York 12237-0031
Phone: (518) 473-7488
FAX: (518) 473-2019

Attention: Katherine Ceroalo

Make phone calls and comment on social media:  You also need to get on the phone and call the Governor’s office and leave a message (real people don’t answer the phone in her office anymore.) Call the leaders of the legislature and let them know that you do not want the regulation to move forward, and you want to see S75a/A279a stopped. Their contact information is below:

Governor Kathy Hochul (518) 474-8390,  (212) 681-4580, Hochul only takes voice mail. Call anyway.

Fax (518) 474-1513


Twitter: @GovKathyHochul

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins 

Albany: Telephone (518) 455-2585, (518) 455-2715

Albany:  Fax (518) 426-6844, (518) 426-6811

District: Telephone (914) 423-4031, Fax (914) 423-0979,

New York City: Telephone (212) 298-5585, Fax (212) 298-5623



Twitter: @AndreaSCousins

Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie 

Albany: (518) 455-3791, District: (718) 654-6539



Twitter: @carlheastie

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