Don’t Break Our Hearts

CHD Launches Amazing Campaign Against 6-month-old Covid Vaccination


The FDA was ready to approve covid shots for babies as young as 6-months-old tomorrow – the day after Valentines Day. However just days after Children’s Health Defense launched their Don’t Break Our Hearts campaign the FDA announced a “delay” in the approval process pushing the proposed approval date to April.

Parents and activists have been sending letters in red envelopes to the FDA asking the public health officials to not break the hearts of our youngest, most vulnerable citizens – our babies and young children.

Activists will be protesting at FDA Headquarters in Washington DC tomorrow saying don’t break the hearts of children who are not significantly impacted by covid-19. It is a known fact admitted by CDC & FDA that covid vaccination can cause myocarditis in children. This vaccine is not necessary for children, let alone for babies.

Get all info on the Don’t Break Our Hearts campaign by clicking HERE.

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