4000 NYPD Officers Poised to be Fired by NYC Mayor Adams

Because they are unvaccinated

by Michael Kane


There are over 4,000 NYPD Officers who are unvaccinated and have religious exemptions to vaccination still pending. While pending they are allowed to continue to work and test for covid on a weekly basis in lieu of vaccination.

On Tuesday March 29th I was part of a press conference at Flushing Meadow Park in Queens where an NYPD Officer spoke without giving her identity out of fear of retribution from the police force and the city. She stated that “thousands” of officers currently have pending religious exemptions.

After the press conference nearly a dozen NYPD officers came up to me and personally verified that the number of pending religious exemptions far exceeds 4,000. They said they have been able to verify that these numbers are accurate, but they cannot discuss it publicly or they could be fired.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is in a tough situation with this one.

4,000 police officers represents nearly 15% of the police force. There is no way the mayor can fire 15% of the force, especially with his “tough on crime” rhetoric. But he also can’t approve 4,000 religious exemptions for the police and deny nearly 99% in every other city agency.

However maybe he can!

Since athletes and performers now have a carve out, maybe Adams will create a police officer carve out as well. The nonsensical nature of covid vaccine mandates in NYC has reached peak-nonsense. To all of the mainstream reporters who follow me, please start asking Mayor Eric Adams and City Hall about this. It’s a simple question…

“Mayor Adams: people are saying there are over 4,000 pending religious exemptions for NYPD Police Officers. Is that true?”

3 thoughts on “4000 NYPD Officers Poised to be Fired by NYC Mayor Adams

  1. I believe policemen, fireman are important and should not be fired. So are teachers, sanitation workers, ems workers all city workers fired or on unpaid leave. We need to make this about all city workers not just one group. As an united group maybe we can change Adams mind. I stand with all unvacciated!


  2. How do we fight theses city problems, of (crime, garbage, understaffed classrooms,and hospitals) by firing the people who deal with these daily issues for us.

    If an exemption was ever deserved , it would be for these individuals and not high paid professional athletes.


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