Nearly 200 NYPD Officers To Be Fired Within 7 Days

Religious Exemption Denials are Just Now Being Issued for NYPD

Exclusive interview with NYPD Detective whose Religious Exemption was just denied HERE

by Michael Kane


Last week we reported over 4000 police officers are slated to have their religious exemptions to vaccination denied and they will eventually be fired. Yesterday NYPD sources told us nearly 180 police officers had their exemptions officially denied and will be fired within 7 days if they don’t get vaccinated or voluntarily retire. If an officer is fired they give up all rights to their pension and are left with nothing.

These denials were announced the same day 18 people were shot by a gunman in NYC subways and there was not a single transit officer to be found on the scene.

The number of 4,000 we reported last week was incorrect. It is actually 4,875 cops and 1,112 civilians at NYPD that are currently unvaccinated, according to reliable sources in the NYPD. These officers and employees are currently working everyday with a weekly testing option in effect. All of these numbers are coming from NYPD Officers I am in direct contact with who are following the situation extremely closely because their careers are on the line.

Mayor Eric Adams has effectively admitted all of these NYPD officers and employees are slated to be fired. In an interview on CBS News with Marcia Kramer the following exchange occurred discussing the recent firings of NYC workers for declining covid vacciantion:

Marcia Kramer: So, if the money permits, would you ever consider rehiring some of the 1,400 people who’ve lost their jobs because they refuse to get the COVID vaccine. Because it looks to me like given the fact that there’s about 5,000 others who have asked for exemptions and didn’t get them and now are appealing, that you could lose a lot more people including a large number of police, fire, and emergency service workers...

Mayor Adams: Well, people should really understand the numbers, the overwhelming number of civil service and city workers. They complied. Under the second wave that we just saw, we did not lose any police officers-

Kramer: You’re about to.

Mayor Adams: I’m sorry? 

Kramer: I think you’re about to, because their appeals are now being denied.

Mayor Adams: No, I am hoping that they are smart enough to know that it is imperative to take the vaccine for themselves and their families …

Kramer: So you’re asking them to change their mind?

Mayor Adams: Yes, I am.

[emphasis added]


NYPD employees have no first amendment rights of free speech when it comes to their job. If they speak, they get fired. As police officers are now finally directly facing the loss of their jobs, leaks are starting to come forward:

We need the mainstream media to hold Mayor Eric Adams accountable. The NYPD has massive staffing shortages already! The city cannot afford losing thousands of police officers.

7 thoughts on “Nearly 200 NYPD Officers To Be Fired Within 7 Days

  1. How can it be that they lose their retirement/pension? How can that be legal? It generally takes a serious criminal act by a union member to lose one’s pension, such as committing a felony, etc. How on earth would the PBA — reputed to be a pretty good union for its employees, especially compared to the UFT — agree to something like this?


  2. #1- as for the pension, it depends. If you’re vested, you can voluntarily retire and get your pension when you’re in your 60s. If you’re not vested, then you just get it refunded to you. Probably have to pay a penalty.

    2. I_really_wish everyone would PLEASE STOP trying to fight against these mandates by saying how the city will suffer if we lose all these police, sanitation, firefighters, etc. It is the dumbest argument anyone could possibly employ and it certainly isn’t convincing the dictator. The city is already in a shitty state, but even if we were all fired, they would just hire replacements as quick as could be. The mandates are wrong because they are ILLEGAL and because we have RIGHTS!


      1. New York Teacher: the vast majority will comply so there will be no noticeable real world effects. Even if they fired half the police, dsny, etc. the waiting list is enormous, so they would replaced in short order. It was so embarrassing to hear stupid Harry Nespoli on the news last December claiming that the world was going to end if the sanitation workers got mad about the vaccine mandate and slowed down the garbage pickup. Well, we saw how that turned out. This argument is a complete loser.


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