DEFEAT the MANDATES is in LOS ANGELES Sunday April 10!

The speakers coming to DEFEAT THE MANDATES are intense!

Dr. Robert Malone, Del Bigtree, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Christina Parks, Naomi Wolf, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Max Blumenthal, Jo Rose, Reporter Kim Iverson, Jimmy Dore, Tramell Thompson, Hi Rez & Jimmy Levy, Pastor Rob McCall, Lara Logan, Mikki Willis, Dr. Ryan Cole, Will Witt, Cara Castronueva, Rizza Islam, Rabbi Michael Barclay, Stephanie Locricchio, Alix Mayer, Michael Kane AND MUCH MORE!!!

DEFEAT THE MANDATES in Washington DC brought over 40,000 people out back in January. Watch the following trailers showing you what happened in DC and what we are bringing to Los Angeles:


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