Eric Adams is Waging Class Warfare on NYC’s Working Class

by Michael Kane


On Friday, April 22nd I was interviewed by CBS, FOX, PIX 11, ABC and WOR Radio regarding allegations of fake vaccine cards by employees in NYC Schools. The main point I hammered home was that NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ vaccine mandates are not about public health, they are a form of class warfare.

The mainstream media always puts their own spin into the narrative, so my message aimed at Mayor Adams may not have come across clear in every report. For the sake of clarity, here is my full statement regarding NYC Mayor Eric Adams war on the working class:

“It’s not surprising when people’s entire lives are threatened that they get desperate. People who (allegedly) submit fake vaccine cards are not bad or immoral, they are fighting for survival.

It makes no sense that performers or athletes can work without being vaccinated but NYC workers cannot. NYC workers need to be provided equal treatment under the law. Mayor Eric Adams is waging class warfare on the people of New York. His illegal and arbitrary implementation of authoritarian mandates cannot continue. End the mandates now FOR ALL!” — Michael Kane, Founder 


Watch CBS, FOX and ABC segments that include portions of my interviews:

CBS Coverage:



4 thoughts on “Eric Adams is Waging Class Warfare on NYC’s Working Class

  1. In solidarity with you Michael.

    Eric is a dictatorial and divisive mayor who should have never been elected nor ever be in charge of overseeing our schools. He does not know how to apply care to the suffering citizens or know when to use the Golden Rule to his fellow human beings. He lacks humanity and he needs to step aside and allow a genuine leader to take over and he should follow that science.


  2. Just watched Michael’s wonderful interview on In the PIX 11 clip, the spokesperson says “it looks” to them that they cards are fake (but not saying why) and those teachers have to prove their cards are legit. “Looks like” shouldn’t be grounds to take away someone’s livelihood. DOE should have burden of proof, not teachers. Such a small number of teachers, sounds like a witch hunt to me. Would be interesting to know if any of the teachers who received this notice are active on social media speaking out against the mandate.


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