Rally Against Mandates Returns to Albany, NY 5-16-22

May 16, 10:30am

East Capitol Park

Albany, NY

Buy Bus Tickets to Albany HERE


Back on January 5th we rocked Albany, NY with nearly 5,000 Medical Freedom Fighters. Since then, none of the covid mandate bills have moved an inch. Now, we are going back to make sure that’s exactly how it stays.

No mandates in 2022! – Be with us in Albany!

Sponsored by TeachersforChoice.org, ny.ChildrensHealthDefense.org, and more to be announced

Speakers listed below

SPEAKERS LIST (alphabetical order)

Dr. Harvey Frisch, Epidemiologist from Yale University

Abbey Ballard, Moms for Liberty (Tentative)

Donna Schmidt, RN, New York Against Medical Mandates

Dr. Joel Wallskog, MD, React 19 (covid-shot injured orthopedic surgeon)

Jennifer Jones and daughter Riley, Injured by Covid shot (Tentative)

Jo Speakstruth, NY Freedom Rally

John Gilmore, Autism Action Network

Mary Holland, Esq., Children’s Health Defense

Michael Kane, NY Teachers for Choice

Mo Olivier, Educators for Choice

Nicole Pruett, NY Informed

Rabbi Zev Epstein

Rev. Dr. Aaron Lewis, Family Church

Rita Palma, My Kids, My Choice

Bobbie Anne Cox, Esq., Uniting NYS

Sophy Medina, Bravest for Choice

Stephanie Locricchio, Children’s Health Defense

Sujata Gibson, Esq., Children’s Health Defense

Trammell Thompson, Progressive Action

Tricia Lindsay, Esq.

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