Critical Press Conference at Pennsylvania State Capital 4-27-22

Medical Freedom Constitutional Amendment Proposal

Nearly 50 Co-Sponsors!


When: 10am Wed. April 27th. (arrive by 9:45am)

Where:  Main Rotunda, enter via Capital steps facing North 3rd and State Streets in Harrisburg. 

What:  Press Conference to discuss passing an amendment to the Pennsylvania State
Constitution – HB 2013

This is a press conference, not a rally please NO SIGNS

HB 2013 states:

“The right of an individual to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine or prophylactic may not be questioned or interfered with in any manner. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged to any person in this Commonwealth because of the exercise of the right under this section.”

The bill had 48 co-sponsors as of last week.


The last 25 months have proven to Pennsylvanians that in no time in this State’s history has there been as great a need for the protection this Constitutional Amendment provides.  Thousands of hard working Pennsylvanians in service to the public including many hundreds of first responders, bus drivers, school teachers, professors and medical personnel have be driven or cast out of their careers for standing up to what they know is their God given right to bodily integrity and self preservation. 

Pennsylvania’s support a PA Constitutional Amendment for a right to health freedom because:

Children’s Health Defense of PA is proud to support HB2013!

HB 2013 will lead to a PA Constitutional Amendment that establishes A Right to Medical Freedom.

This is important and worth taking a day off to show your support.

This is a press conference, not a rally please NO SIGNS

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