Judge Caproni Recuses Herself from NYC Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit

…because she owns Pfizer stock

by Michael Kane


Today Federal Judge Valerie Caproni recused herself from the cases Kane v. de Blasio and Keil v. NYC, according to Sujata Gibson, the lead attorney on the Kane case. These lawsuits allege NYC educators were illegally fired when forced to go through an unconstitutional religious exemption process.

After presiding over both cases for the past 8 months, owning $50,000 to $100,000 in Pfizer stock the entire time, Judge Valerie Caproni finally recused herself from the case due to a clear conflict of interest. The only reason Caproni recused herself is because our attorneys filed a brief on Thursday June 9th demanding she do so. The new judge hearing the case is Edgardo Ramos.

In October of 2021, Caproni ruled against teachers and educators who sued NYC. The very next month Caproni’s ruling was overturned on appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court.

This is not the first blight on the professional record of Valerie Caproni. As general counsel to the FBI she has been accused of aiding the mass surveillance of innocent Americans, misleading the public about the clandestine use of the Patriot Act, and supporting illegal torture of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Read more about Caproni’s questionable past here.

While the documents have not yet been published by the court affirming her recusal, the attached pdf is a screenshot from PACER showing Caproni was removed from Kane and Keil today being replaced by Ramos.

UPDATE 6-13-22, 2:08pm – Caproni’s order where she recused herself:

7 thoughts on “Judge Caproni Recuses Herself from NYC Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit

  1. Thank God for these attorney’s who have gone over every detail with a fine tooth comb. I pray for them and a successful outcome for every City worker who was unlawfully denied their exemptions.🕊


  2. One more step closer for these N Y City Employees, Educators, Police Men and Firemen in getting their jobs back and full back pay, full benefits and unaffected retirement !


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