Our New Judge ALSO Owns Pfizer Stock…and AstraZeneca, Merck, Sanofi, GSK and Moderna affiliates…

Recusal #2?

by Michael Kane


Judge Caproni recused herself from Kane v. de Blasio and Keil v. NYC because she owned Pfizer Stock. Her replacement, Edgardo Ramos, not only owns Pfizer stock but also AstraZeneca, and much more…

In a letter written to the court from our attorneys Sujata Gibson and Jonathan Nelson, once again the court is asked to recuse a second justice from presiding over our cases. When detailing the conflict of interest, the letter states:

“Specifically, the most recent financial disclosure shows holdings in Covid vaccine manufacturers Pfizer and AstraZeneca, as well as Takeda pharmaceutical and Thermo Fisher Scientific (both recently partnered with Moderna to produce Spikevax) and other companies that produce or are impacted by vaccine mandates, including but not limited to Merck, Sanofi, and GSK. Ownership of these stocks, singly and collectively, leads to a reasonable question regarding impartiality, particularly given the history of this case and the reason for reassignment of the case.

Recall that Kane and Keil represent educators suing NYC for firing them for declining covid vaccination they say they cannot inject due to sincerely held religious beliefs.

Our attorneys Sujata Gibson and Jonathan Nelson have written to the court asking that Ramos recuse himself. If granted this will be two judges recused in the same week from the same cases. The letter submitted to the court yesterday by attorneys is attached below as a pdf.

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