Judge Ramos has Recused Himself but New Judge Owns 1/4 million in Pfizer

2nd Recusal from our cases this week!

by Michael Kane

Within less than 24 hours of being assigned to Kane v. de Blasio and Keil v. NYC, Judge Edgardo Ramos has recused himself at the request of attorneys Sujata Gibson and Jonathan Nelson.

Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald has been assigned to take his place, but she owns up to $250,000 in Pfizer stock and $100,000 in Johnson & Johnson stock. Both companies manufacture covid injections.

A letter has been sent to Judge Buchwald asking her to recuse herself.

Bloomberg Law covered these developments just last night.

2 thoughts on “Judge Ramos has Recused Himself but New Judge Owns 1/4 million in Pfizer

  1. This is just unbelievable !
    N Y City Teachers , Police, Firemen and City Employees who were refused their Religious Exemption or their freedom right to opted out of taking the Covid Vaccines and Boosters shots have all been played !
    These judges and God knows how many other Judges have investments in these vaccines . No wonder they even refused to look at some cases: they stood to loose financially and personally !

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  2. With my rudimentary knowledge about investing, it makes total sense to me that most people with extra money to invest these days (i.e. judges and anyone who earns more than they need to live on) will have some of it invested in pharmaceuticals, since that is where the money is to be made. For example, if a person invests in general mutual funds, surely some of that is put into Pharma stock by the investment firm. That’s just how the system works. It’s like trying to find someone whose investments do not have big oil or big tech in them….hard to find, though of course worthy to divest from those companies! So, I think it will be hard to find any judge whose investments do not have any stock in pharmaceutical companies. Wondering where this search for a judge without financial investments in Pharma will lead? I hope it doesn’t make our side look naive and foolish. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but just thinking realistically.


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