Teachers for Choice Endorses JOHN MATLAND for CONGRESS!


Vote for John Matland in the August 23rd Republican Primary

Early voting available August 13 to 21


NY Teachers for Choice fully endorses John Matland to be the next Congressman of NY District 11 representing Staten Island and Brooklyn!

Teachers for Choice (TFC) is 100% opposed to medical mandates to maintain employment. In addition we fully support the right of parents to make all medical decisions for their children with no penalties. There is no doubt in the entire universe that Matland will live up to our ideals, and beyond!

Matland was a Healthcare worker who was fired for declining covid vaccination. He has been a vocal leader from the outset against medical mandate in NYC and he has put his entire reputation on the line to fight for this issue. I have marched with John at rallies and protests, and I have had the honor to share the stage with him in speaking out against authoritarian medical policies. Matland is the real deal!

Matland is facing Nicole Malliotakis in the August 23rd Republican Primary. Malliotakis is notoriously known in the Medical Freedom Community as being one of the very few Republicans to vote YES to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination for children on June 13, 2019. This removed over 26,000 children from every public and private school in the state. Many conservatives are also blown away by how often Malliotakis votes with the Democrats and against Republicans in numerous areas besides Medical Freedom. Getting Matland elected would send a very strong message that the Medical Freedom Community is a major force and voting bloc in New York electoral politics.

There is no question Matland is the right man to represent New York’s 11th Congressional District!




Michael Kane, Founder www.TeachersforChoice.org

and TFC Steering Committee

Watch STAND FOR HEALTH FREEDOM’s interview of John Matland, who has also endorsed Matland:


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