Lee Zeldin Embraced at Caribbean Day Parade in Brooklyn NY

by Michael Kane


Teachers for Choice was proud to march with Lee Zeldin and Blexit NY in the Caribbean Day Parade on September 5, 2022. I personally saw dozens of Black people embrace Zeldin for pictures and handshakes. Many Medical Freedom activists were with me, including Jo Speaks Truth, Kevin Nathaniel, Ingrid Romero, Raul Rivera, Orline Borno, Maria Taveras and her amazing daughter Jayla (to name a few).

The great reception in Brooklyn came right on the heels of a new Trafalgar Poll showing that Zeldin is only 4 points behind Kathy Hochul with 2 months to go till the election on November 8th.

Activists chanted “End all Mandates” and educated onlookers on Zeldin’s complete opposition to medical mandates. Jo Speaks Truth educated hundreds of people on Kathy Hochul’s Quarantine Camps regulation. The spectators were amazingly receptive to Zeldin, especially since he has pledged to end all mandates, end the covid emergency, rehire the fired-&-band employees, and support parental choice in all aspects of their children’s lives.

Below are some great photos and videos posted on social media of Lee Zeldin at the Caribbean Day Parade:


Zeldin was very well received by the spectators at the Caribbean Day Parade




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