Lee Zeldin Questioned by Fired NYC Workers

Getting more clarity on Zeldin’s position for Fired NYC Workers

by Michael Kane


Candidate for New York Governor Lee Zeldin was questioned by two fired NYC DOE employees and noted Medical Freedom Activists Joy Amanda and Rachel Maniscalco; two activists I know and respect greatly. Joy of NY FREEDOM RALLY asked Zeldin if he is saying fired workers should get their jobs back or will get their jobs back.

Zeldin answered by saying it will be easier for him as Governor to get NY State workers their jobs back quickly. NYC workers will be tougher, but he stated “out of the gate” he would offer NYC workers jobs with the state as there are state vacancies that need to be filled. Beyond that, in order to get NYC workers their jobs back he said pressure needed to be applied to the city (Eric Adams). When asked if he would apply that pressure, Zeldin responded, “Will you apply it with me?”

Both Joy and Rachel let Zeldin know they have been applying pressure on the city for over a year now, in the streets of NYC and in 3 separate lawsuits. Zeldin ended with a high-five to Rachel Maniscalco.

I greatly appreciate Joy and Rachel asking these important questions, and getting Zeldin to expand upon his platform talking points as to precisely what he will do to get fired NYC workers back to work. You can watch this exchange for yourself as it was streamed live on Instagram.

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