LEGAL UPDATE: Kane / Keil / NYFRL Cases Are All One Case Now

All Three Cases Now Consolidated Into One Headed to 2nd Circuit

Michael Kane


The attorneys of Kane v. de Blasio, Keil v. NYC and New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) v. NYC have requested the three cases all be consolidated into one as they head into the 2nd Circuit Court or Appeals, and that request has been granted. These cases all challenge the vaccine mandates to work in New York City with a particular focus on the religious exemption process.

Effectively they are now all one case.

This comes right as John Bursch of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has stepped up as our new lead attorney who will be arguing in front of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. My attorney Sujata Gibson says they anticipate oral arguments within a few weeks. These arguments are likely to be in person at the Thurgood Marshal Federal Court Building in Downtown Manhattan at Foley Square (we’ve been there many times before over the past year).

Gibson feels very confident in the case we have; especially with all the cases consolidated into one challenging virtually all of the remaining vaccine mandates in New York City.

The brief recently filed with the court is attached here:

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