Hochul Ignores and Lies to the Black Community for Their Vote

Naijamami with Lee Zeldin at the African American Day Parade

Vaccine Mandates Keep Black & Hispanic Workers Unemployed

By Teachers for Choice


After Kathy Hochul tweeted about the inequity of pay for Black women, actual women who have lost their jobs due to policies supported by Hochul fired back at her.

In case you can’t see Hochul’s tweet above, it says: “A black woman has to work an extra nine months on average to earn the same pay as a white man in a single year. On this #BlackWomensEqualPayDay and every day, I’m fighting to close this gap because equal work deserves equal pay.

Naijamami, a teacher I know personally who was fired over vaccine mandates, had this to say to Hochul: This is laughable! Hochul is full of (sh*t)! No one is falling for this minstrel show. You don’t care nor respect the rights of any of the citizens of NY state. Your illegal mandates have denied many people, including the ones you pretend to care about; their access to work.

Another woman named Vondora Jordan replied to Hochul’s tweet with the following comment: “As a black woman I was gonna say something then I remembered I lost my job due to the vax mandate not only that I’m a city worker proud lunch lady who still won’t be able to not only get my job back, I can’t get unemployment, or another city job only private can. U have a nice day

You can view Vondora Jordan’s Twitter acount by clicking here. If you have a Twitter account, you can view her reply to Hochul by clicking here. Jordan’s reply has received more likes than Hochul’s original tweet!

Sunday September 18 at the African American Day Parade in Harlem, NYC it is believed Hochul made an appearance at the breakfast of Democratic political insiders, but she did not march in the parade to see the people. In contrast her opponent LEE ZELDIN did march in the parade. One woman came from Washington DC to support Zeldin because he passed a resolution in Congress that freed a political prisoner in Cameroon.

Read about the ZELDIN resolution that freed Stony Brook Professor Patrice Nganang from political imprisonment in Cameroon: https://zeldin.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/rep-zeldin-introduces-house-resolution-condemning-cameroonian-government

LEE ZELDIN with Spirit Drummer Kevin Nathaniel

“As I have said a thousand times, very few things in our shared human history are more racist than a vaccine mandate,” said Spirit Drummer Kevin Nathaniel. “It is racist from inception, to application to end result. It is everything our ancestors fought against, rolled up in a care package.”

LEE ZELDIN has pledged to end all the mandates. He will end the state(s) of emergency, end all statewide mandates, rehire all fired state workers who declined covid vaccination and FIGHT CITY HALL to get city workers who were fired for declining vaccination rehired.

Vote LEE ZELDIN for NY Governor on November 8th

LEE ZELDIN at the African American Day Parade in Harlem, NYC with supporters

4 thoughts on “Hochul Ignores and Lies to the Black Community for Their Vote

  1. RE:
    “it is believed Hochul made an appearance at the breakfast of Democratic political insiders, but she did not march in the parade to see the people.”

    This is a Hochul pattern! On the Memorial Day weekend, she attended an exclusive breakfast in Crown Heights for the insiders of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, where she is quoted as having said at the time (incidentally!), that she supports yeshivas!

    See: https://collive.com/ny-governor-hochul-pledges-support-to-yeshivas/
    She said, “One of those traditions, that I have visited many times, is the education that is delivered to [sic?] our Yeshivas,” the Governor said, as she pledged she will “stand by the community and the Yeshivas.”

    Yet she’s remained SILENT on the latest changes from the State Board of Regents that makes yeshivas have to teach WOKE curriculum. It’s unconstitutional — a prior Supreme Court case ruled that the Amish have the right to educate their children to become Amish adults. The same should apply to the Chassidic Yeshivos having the right to raise their children to become Chassidic adults.


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