Teachers for Choice Endorses Cara Castronuova for Assembly

Assembly District 22, Elmont

Cara’s Website

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE proudly endorses Cara Castronuova for NY Assembly in District 22, Elmont (bordering Queens and Long Island)

Cara is a real Medical Freedom Fighter!

While many of us were locked up in our homes due to covid lockdown orders Cara was at Governor Cuomo’s mansion demanding her Constitutional Rights not be violated. There is zero doubt that Castronuova will be on the right side of all Medical Freedom issues when she is elected to serve as an Assemblywoman in Albany. Her opponent has a proven track-record of voting AGAINST medical freedom.

If you can volunteer your time or money to Cara please do – she is the real deal and all of New York will be better to have her representing us in Albany.

https://caraforassembly.com/ – fyi — DO NOT BELIEVE any “flag” that says this website is “dangerous.” It is not dangerous, it’s just another form of Big Tech Censorship.

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