Teachers for Choice Endorses Michael Henry for Attorney General

Michael Henry’s Website

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE proudly endorses Michael Henry to be the next Attorney General of the state of New York!

Henry supports defending the civil liberties and freedoms of every New Yorker, and he will not attempt to take them away. His opponent Leticia James has filed a notice of appeal to fight to keep Governor Kathy Hochul’s “Quarantine Camp” regulation. Kathy Hochul had signed a regulation to detain anyone she wants, with no evidence, for as long as she wants, with no due process to get out of quarantine or isolation. Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox beat this in in court and got the regulation over-turned.

However Tish James is planning to appeal this decision and fight to bring this Draconian, illegal, unconstitutional regulation back.

Bobbie Anne Cox has this to say about Michael Henry:

It is clear that New York State is in desperate need of new leadership, and that includes a new Governor and a new Attorney General.  With soaring crime rates, unchecked political corruption, and disastrous unconstitutional mandates allowed to illegally govern our lives, it is time to fire Letitia James.  We need an Attorney General who will respect the rule of law, honor the Constitution, and fight for the citizens of New York (not against them). That is why I believe Michael Henry should be our next Attorney General.

Vote for MICHAEL HENRY and he will put an end to the Hochul Quarantine Camp nightmare.

Michael Henry’s Website

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