Teachers for Choice Endorses Rob Speranza for NY Assembly


TEACHERS FOR CHOICE proudly endorses Rob Speranza for state assembly in District 26, which is northeast Queens, NY!

Speranza supports everyone’s right to choose what does and does not go into their own bodies as well as their children’s bodies. He supports parental rights including the right to decide what vaccinations a child does and does not take.

His opponent, Edward Braunstein, voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination – kicking 26,000 children out of school across the state, including thousands of students with disabilities and extensive Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Constituents begged the incumbent for help, and the pleas were ignored. He was a deciding factor in the Assembly Health Committee on June 13, 2019 and must be voted out!

Please donate your time or financial support for Rob Speranza.


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