Unwise, Unwanted, Unscrupulous Leaders Lionized at The New York Times DealBook Summit

Rally Wednesday, November 30, 10 Columbus Circle, 3pm New York City

Rally sponsored by NY Freedom Rally


The New York Times DealBook Summit is a live, on-stage event which brings together powerful business, cultural, and political “icons” to discuss “the most consequential issues of our day.”  With incessant adulation, The Times lauds these “clear-eyed thinkers” as “influential leaders” who are “planning our next move” and have what it takes to “untangle today’s most complex issues.” 

We disagree. The dangerous changes this year’s 17 “changemakers” are making are in fact devastating our economy and hurling society down a dark path. In particular, the following four Empire puppets must be called out for their lack of transparency and accountability and their crimes against humanity.

Larry Fink
Chairman, CEO, BlackRock
With $10 trillion in financial assets, BlackRock has controlling interest in almost every nation and corporation in the world. With its Aladdin AI tech dominance, BlackRock alone had the power to force countries worldwide to lock down during Covid, thereby wrecking their economies. By demanding companies comply with Agenda 30 “ESG” standards to disinvest in oil and gas, BlackRock is THE root cause of an anticipated calamitous global energy crisis.
Sam Bankman-FriedCo-founder, FTXDisgraced cryptocurrency conman, “Scam” Bankman-Fried’s fraudulent business practices resulted in a $51 billion crash, soon to reverberate through the economy. “SBF” was also involved in money laundering whereby billions of Western tax money “donated” to Ukraine were invested in FTX, with millions of it then funneled into the 2022 midterm elections. SBF was the second largest donor to the Democrat party — $40 million of purloined FTX deposits.
Volodymyr ZelenskyPresident, UkraineOn Zelensky’s watch, billions of taxpayer “donations” to Ukraine have been siphoned into spurious hands, including his own (e.g., a $34 million Miami villa). Presiding as a NATO proxy over a senseless, losing war with Russia, Zelensky is instrumental in ratcheting up the warmongering. Even Biden didn’t believe Russia bombed Poland, but without shame, Zelensky stuck to his script, insisting Ukraine’s obvious false flag was ultimately Russia’s fault. 
Mark Zuckerberg
Founder, CEO, Meta (Facebook)
Facebook is the poster child for Big Tech overreach.  The company has been criticized for privacy violations, excessive retention of user data, creepy facial recognition software, “Facebook jail” censorship, built-in addiction, fake news dissemination, and surveillance of users.  The latest criticism was for hiring ex-CIA and FBI agents to censor content that deviates from official narratives.

DealBook Summit attendees get to enjoy networking opportunities such as a breakfast, “intimate lunchtime discussions,” and an “elegant cocktail hour.” The hoi polloi need not apply. At $2,500 a pop, even if your average Joe did spring for a ticket, he probably would not pass The Times’ 1-2 week application approval process.  

Since We The People are excluded from connecting with “some of the most consequential minds of our day,” we must continue to put our “vital voices” forward with our “clear-eyed” demands for our “future of democracy.”

We call for local, natural, decentralized, non-globalist approaches to food, healthcare, education, finance, etc. 

We call for the elimination of the “woke” agenda being foisted internationally in the form of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) diktats for companies, and critical theory and identity politics for the public.

We call for worldwide peace and our inalienable rights of freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship, and medical freedom, as well as the divine natural rights of all living beings on this planet.

New York Freedom Rally – newyorkfreedomrally@proton.me

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