Going Back to Your Statehouse!

The Medical Freedom Voting Bloc is Real!

It’s time to educate and engage your local state lawmakers

By Michael Kane


Stand for Health Freedom announced there was a sweep for medical freedom candidates in the 2022 midterm elections, especially in local state-wide offices. The majority of vaccine-related policies are passed on the state level. This means there are electeds in all of our statehouses ready to hear us and support us!

Congratulations! All of our efforts laid the groundwork for these folks to enter office!

Across the country it is now very clear that medical freedom fighters are officially a significant voting bloc. What that means is we have power at the polls so politicians have to deal with us; talk to us; engage us; whether they like us or not. The days of being completely ignored are over.

That’s the good news!

The bad news is that many top positions in many states, such as governor, are in the hands of people who do not show signs of being supporters of medical freedom. This includes the new governor in Massachusetts, Maura Healey, who clearly does not support medical freedom. It also includes New York’s Kathy Hochul who openly wore a “vaxed” necklace for months, said vaccines are “from God” calling for vaccine “apostles,” and signed a Quarantine Camp Regulation that was thankfully beaten in the courts by attorney Bobbie Anne Cox. (It’s of interest to note that Hochul hasn’t worn her “vaxed” necklace in over six months; someone must of told her it wasn’t helping in the polls.)

Every state is different — you’ve had different wins and now face different challenges. But no medical freedom fighter should feel we have “lost” or that there is “no hope.”


I recently spoke to Tara Thornton, co-founder of Freedom Angels in California, which may be the toughest state for medical freedom fighters. She is completely excited for the upcoming legislative session and is already planning to return to their state Capitol in Sacramento on January 3, and the CHD California Chapter will be right there with them! The chessboard has just been reconfigured; we have more allies in our statehouses than ever before and it is time for us to capitalize on this new reality.

The first week of January in New York we are going right back to the Capitol in Albany, planning meetings with our representatives there and preparing to engage them in our home districts as well. Exact date to be announced soon — Spread the word!

More good news (New York)

In New York there were at least nine lawmakers who voted to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination for kids on June 13, 2019, who no longer have jobs because the voters got rid of them this midterm cycle. Those include Anna Kaplan, Colin Schmitt, Peter Abbate Jr, Steve Engelbright, Michael Cusick, Judy Griffin and Mathylde Frontus. Two Senators who voted to repeal the religious exemption, Kaminski and Gaughran, didn’t even attempt to run again because they knew they had no shot. In addition Ron Kim and Rachel May, who also voted to repeal the religious exemption in 2019, held onto their seats by a thread.

There are also a few races that are currently (still!) too close to call. One may take down John Mannion, who voted to repeal the religious exemption as well. Another is Chris Sperber v. Kim Jean-Pierre. Sperber is a former court clerk who was fired for declining covid vaccination. Jean-Pierre voted to repeal the religious exemption in 2019. In New York we are watching these races closely.

National Good News!

On the federal level Rand Paul announced on the Megyn Kelly show that it is guaranteed the House of Representatives will launch an investigation into the origins of covid in the new session. It remains to be seen if the Senate will be involved in that.

The US Senate recently voted 62 to 36 to end Biden’s covid emergency powers. Even Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader voted YES to end the emergency. 62 votes is a veto-proof majority and it is fascinating that Biden has lost support from the Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate regarding covid emergency powers. Unfortunately Schumer changed his vote to a NO, claiming it was a mistake, making the final count 61 to 35. Nevertheless, this does not bode will for Biden and the covidians.

So to all my American Medical Freedom Fighters — now is the time to strap on your boots, call all your allies and march back to your statehouse in January – planning starts RIGHT NOW!!!

4 thoughts on “Going Back to Your Statehouse!

  1. I just clicked the link for the Senate vote & the page shows that the vote was 61 to 37, with 2 not voting. That means it isn’t veto-proof. Was something changed here?


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