What are the Bills We Need to Watch in Albany, NY?


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from Michael Kane


This list is of problematic bills in Albany during the 2022 session. After every election in New York, all the bill numbers are thrown away and lawmakers need to resubmit any bills they want on the table to be assigned new bill numbers. For now we will still use the 2022 bill numbers as references as it gives us a pretty good idea of what we need to keep an eye out for, and which lawmakers we need to keep an eye on.

These are the bills we will talk to our lawmakers about when we Go Back To Albany in January.


A9963 (Gottfried-D) Allows minors of ANY age to be given ANY medical procedure, including surgery without parental knowledge of consent

A8378 (Dinowitz-D), Mandatory Covid shots for K-12 students

S75a (Hoylman-D)/ A279a (Gottfried-D) All adult vaccine records must be given to the state

A8398, (Dinowitz-D), Eliminates religious exemptions from vaccine mandates for work and school 

S6541a (Rivera-D)/A7326a (Gottfried-D), Creates an “immunization passport,” pretends to protect the privacy of vaccination records in the state database by denying access to federal immigration enforcement authorities. 

S6495 (Hoylman-D)/ A7829 (Dinowitz-D) Mandatory Covid-19 shots for college students – [this bill was just reintroduced in the 2023 session as S624]

S45(Hoylman -D)/ A2240 (Dinowitz-D) Mandatory flu shots for K-12 students

S937 Krueger-D)/ A822 (Paulin-D) Allows giving drugs and vaccines for STDs to children of without parental knowledge or consent. No statutory lower age limit.

S3041 (Krueger-D)/A3192 (Fahy-D) Allows 14-year-olds to get any vaccine without parental consent

S1653 (Skoufis-D)/A2255 (Dinowitz-D) Requires tracking of all medical exemptions by the state

A7139 (Zebrowski-D) ,  Requires medical exemptions to be approved by the NYSDOH

S4512a/A7581 (Kaplan-D/Fahy-D) Requires social media networks to provide mechanisms and policies for reporting vaccine “misinformation”  on their platform. 

A8870 (Rosenthal, L.-D) Requires vaccine industry propaganda to be required as part of middle school and high school instruction. 

PO Box 303, Long Beach, NY  11561


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