Requesting Meeting with my Elected Officials in Albany NY

Below is an email I sent to my elected officials. I publish it as an example others can use to draft their own email and send in preparation for JANUARY 10, 2023 return to Albany, NY. – mk


My name is Michael Kane I am a constituent of yours as well as the founder of NY Teachers for Choice representing thousands of educators throughout New York State. Find us at

I am reaching out to you to request a brief meeting in Albany on January 10, 2023 as I plan on attending the State of the State address with hundreds, if not thousands, of New Yorkers who like me support medical freedom and parental rights.

Please provide me the opportunity to meet with you to discuss why the issues of parental rights and medical freedom are my primary voting issue.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.


Michael Kane

(address & phone number was given to elected official but withheld from this post)


IMPORTANT POINT: Make sure to tell your elected official about YOU, and YOUR experience with mandates and issues of parental rights,

Such as,

I am a mother whose child was kicked off the baseball team for no covid shot…

I am a teacher who was fired ….

I am fully vaccinated but unfortunately experienced an injury…

I am fully vaccinated but can’t stand the discrimination I am seeing happen to unvaccinated friends and family

My child was injured by a vaccine when….

5 thoughts on “Requesting Meeting with my Elected Officials in Albany NY

  1. Hi Michael!
    I wrote my letter but who do I send it to?
    I know to send it to my senator but is there anybody else I should send it to?
    Thank you


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