New York Times Declares War on Parents


  • END ALL religious exemptions to vaccination across America
  • END ALL Philosophical exemptions across America
  • Allow Kids to consent to all vaccines without parental knowledge

EVERYONE MUST COME to Albany on 1/10 to fight for your rights!

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by John Gilmore


The New York Times ran an Op-Ed today calling for the nationwide end of religious and secular exemptions from vaccine mandates to attend school, allowing minors 14 and older to get vaccines without parental knowledge or consent, and creating a federal database of all children in the US to monitor and enforce vaccine mandates.

The article comes just days before the beginning of the New York State legislative session where bills moving this agenda forward are waiting, which is why you need to come to Albany on January 10 for our first Lobbying Day of 2023. More information here.

The Times is the undisputed leading voice of the institutional establishment in the United States. And the author, Ezekiel Emmanuel, MD, PhD, has impeccable establishment credentials: Vice Provost of Global Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, a former official in the Obama Administration, and member of President Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee.

Emmanuel justifies these measures by pointing to slight drops in vaccination rates in some states since COVID began. He disregards the enormous disruption in all healthcare caused by lockdowns, job losses, and policies prohibiting people who did not receive the COVID shot from entering medical care facilities. 

Emmanuel holds up Mississippi as the model the rest of the states should follow. His reasoning provides a perfect insight into the mind of the vaccine true believer, while acknowledging that Mississippi is at the bottom of almost every indicator of children’s health, what really matters is that they have the highest vaccination rate among school children. Compliance is the goal, not the health of children. 

There are many bad bills in Albany that would accomplish Emmanuel’s goals that we need to fight: 

Parents should make medical decisions for their children 

New York Assembly bill A9963 (Gottfried-D) would simply allow children to consent to ANY medical procedure, including surgery, without parental knowledge or consent. This bill simply eliminates all parental rights over their children’s healthcare decision. This is the first bill we are aware of that completely removes parents, but it is the natural progression of obvious vaccine and medical services  industry goals, and we expect to see  many similar bills in other states. 

A spate of bills to allow minors to get vaccine without parental knowledge or consent were introduced following the 2019 media stunt surrounding Ethan Lindenberger’s alleged claim that he was getting fully vaccinated when he turned 18, contrary to the wishes of his mother. In New York, a bill is pending, A3192 (Fahy-D)/S3041 (Krueger-D) that does exactly what Emmanuel advocates. Bill sponsors Assemblymember Patricia Fahy and Senator Liz Krueger, however, both voted recently to ban anyone under the age of 21 from buying whipped cream dispensers, and they voted to ban minors from tanning salons, but they somehow think 14-year-olds who cannot be trusted with whipped cream can make rational health decisions.

New York law allows minors to get treatment for sexually transmitted  infections (STIs) and psychiatric care without parental knowledge or consent, but vaccines for STIs are only allowed by a regulation drafted by Andrew Cuomo in 2017 after years of failure to pass a bill. We believe this regulation is ripe for a legal challenge like the lawsuit that brought down Gov. Kathy Hochul’s draconian quarantine camp regulations which the court struck for a number of reasons, including the Constitutional fact that the Governor is not allowed to bypass the legislature and make new laws in the guise of a “regulation.”

Eliminating all exemptions

Mississippi, along with West Virginia, were the only states never to allow religious exemptions from vaccine mandates to attend school, at least until progressive Democrats declared war in 2015 and repealed exemptions in four states where they controlled both legislative houses and the Governor: California, New York, Maine and Connecticut, but failed in dozens of other states where they did not have complete control. A8378 (Dinowitz-D) would eliminate religious exemptions for colleges and employment. 

New York repealed our religious exemption in 2019 following a highly contentious series of votes. But there is a bill to restore the religious exemption, A9943 (DiPietro-R)/ S2677 (Gallivan-R).

Vaccine Databases are the key to control and vaccine passports

Recording the vaccine status not only of children but adults as well is a long-term goal of the vaccine industry. These databases are essential to enforce existing punitive measures such as excluding children from school and will be at the foundation for vaccine passports to control access to work, public spaces, and travel. New York and Hawaii were the only two states to implement vaccine passports during COVID. Fifteen states have already banned them. 

For several years now we have fought the creation of a mandatory adult vaccine database in New York, S75a (Hoylman-D)/ A279 (Gottfried-D). There is a lot of pressure to pass this bill, and we will need to fight hard this session to stop this moving forward. 

Pressure for universal vaccine databases will also be coming from the federal level and internationally. Following the recent G20 meeting in Bali, the leaders of the world’s largest economies issued a joint declaration that, among other things, called for the establishment of a global vaccine passport and digital health identification scheme.

Please share this message with friends and family, and post on social networks.

Come to our Lobbying Day in Albany on January 10 to fight for your kids.

See the NYT Article here:

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