“THE CITY” Writes Remarkable Report on Fired NYC Workers!

Fantastic report!

Thank you to reporter Yoav Gonen for helping to capture the hardship and pain of NYC workers fired for declining covid vaccination.

This is definitely not the report NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants to read right now – so everyone, please email it to him and tag him on Twitter!

Email Adams here – https://www.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/mayor-contact.page

On TWITTER – @NYCMayor @EricAdamsfornyc

This report details multiple lawsuits that have had success proving the vaccine mandates for NYC workers are arbitrary and capricious. The very last paragraph mentions the recent win by Sujata Gibson and Children’s Health Defense which struck down Governor Kathy Hochul’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers all across New York State.


After Year of Hardships, Some Fired Unvaccinated City Workers Win Jobs Back

In a growing number of lawsuits, municipal workers who were put on unpaid leave or terminated after seeking religious exemptions to an employee COVID shot mandate are getting judges to order their reinstatement.



6 thoughts on ““THE CITY” Writes Remarkable Report on Fired NYC Workers!

  1. I was a NYC techer for 21 years. I was told through the Union, if I did not take the vaccine I would be suspended without pay, but would keep my benefits. Also, I could not work anywhere or I would lose my benefits and at years end I woukld be fired. So I was coerced to choose between the vaccine, food/bills, and benefits. I chose to retire early since I could not go without eating, paying bills, and insurance due to a medical condition. I retired with less than half of my pension, I was suppopse to have retired in 25 years, but left after 21. I was not ready to leave, it was not just my carreer it was my life.I grew up in Brooklyn, I am not married, I do not have any children. I put my heart and soul into teaching and feel so disrespected and without rights. I spoker to many laywers, but no one will take the case. I moved out of NYC, feeling betrayed by my home.


  2. I was a High President Boiler Operator at George Washington HS in upper Manhattan.
    I lost my job when I refused the Covid vaccine. I asked for a religious exemption. They denied my rights as an American citizen. How can this happen here in america. I have survived having the Covid illness two times. I’m sure I have a natural immunity. I want my job back. And I believe I should be compensated for the wages I lost do to the unfair practices.

    Folks with the vaccine still spread the illness.


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