Michael Kane Calls for NYC Investigation into Teacher FBI Fingerprints Scandal on National News

Correction 2-15-23: NYC Educators who declined covid vaccination did NOT have their “fingerprints sent to the FBI” but rather had a “flag sent to the FBI” on their fingerprints that indicate a problem with that individual. All NYC DOE employees are required to be fingerprinted before employed and I am told the fingerprints are sentContinue reading “Michael Kane Calls for NYC Investigation into Teacher FBI Fingerprints Scandal on National News”

Fired NYC Workers Target Eric Adams as They Head Back to Federal Court

Non-Denominational Prayer Vigil at Foley Square February 8, 9am “Mayor Eric Adams is completely out of touch. Even Los Angeles just announced they are reinstating fired workers who declined covid vaccination. What is Adams waiting for? What is NYC waiting for?”– Fired NYC teacher Michael Kane, founder of Teachers for Choice by NY Workers ForContinue reading “Fired NYC Workers Target Eric Adams as They Head Back to Federal Court”

“THE CITY” Writes Remarkable Report on Fired NYC Workers!

Fantastic report! Thank you to reporter Yoav Gonen for helping to capture the hardship and pain of NYC workers fired for declining covid vaccination. This is definitely not the report NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants to read right now – so everyone, please email it to him and tag him on Twitter! Email Adams hereContinue reading ““THE CITY” Writes Remarkable Report on Fired NYC Workers!”

A BAD DAY for Eric Adams and his Vaccine Policy

The Mayor’s Multi-Million Dollar Problem by Michael Kane 9-21-22 NYC Mayor Eric Adams took shots from Kyrie Irving, Labor Leader Tramell Thompson and recently fired teacher Rachelle Garcia yesterday. Garcia would only call the mayor “Eric” on national news because, according to Garcia, “he is not my mayor.” This was all in response to AdamsContinue reading “A BAD DAY for Eric Adams and his Vaccine Policy”

Fired Teacher Rachelle Garcia Takes on “Eric” Adams

by Michael Kane 9-20-22 Rachelle Garcia was on Fox & Friends National News this morning where she challenged Mayor Adams saying “Eric” doesn’t know how to run the city, and she won’t call him mayor because “he is not my mayor.” Rachelle was recently fired from her job as a public school teacher in NYCContinue reading “Fired Teacher Rachelle Garcia Takes on “Eric” Adams”

Will the Real Eric Adams Please Stand Up?

The Covid Mandate Lies of Eric Adams by Michael Kane 4-29-22 Tramell Thompson has just released a video showing how NYC Mayor Eric Adams has flip-flopped entirely on all covid-mandate issues. In NYC the Democratic Primary is where the mayor is picked. Republicans have no shot at mayor but for rare historical exceptions. Prior toContinue reading “Will the Real Eric Adams Please Stand Up?”

Toddler Mask Mandate Madness

Protest and Lawsuits NYC Parents and Activists will be protesting against the toddler mask mandates in front of City Hall on Monday, April 3 starting at 3pm. Join them to make sure Mayor Adams hears you loud and clear! Get info on the protest here – https://twitter.com/nyfreedomrally/status/1509872004635283482?s=20&t=TywJjY4NTipfvvVYHQ0nvQ Below is a media release from the parents’Continue reading “Toddler Mask Mandate Madness”

Eric Adams is a Liar

Calls For Forced Vaccine Mandate for NYC School Kids Back in May of 2021 Eric Adams clearly indicated he would NOT force vaccinate teachers or students if he became mayor of NYC. Read it for yourself in the NY POST right HERE. He lied Don’t vote for him. Vote for Bill Pepitone. So I guessContinue reading “Eric Adams is a Liar”

Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor

by Michael Kane 7-7-21 Former Police Capatin Eric Adams has won the Democratic primary for mayor in NYC. Adams was one of 3 candidates TEACHERS FOR CHOICE recommended voters rank since he had publicly indicated he would not force teachers or students to get the COVID vaccine. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE congratulates Mr. Adams on thisContinue reading “Eric Adams Wins NYC Democratic Primary for Mayor”